Maison de Martinique en Bois du Brésil

Why using wood ?

Wood is resistant and insulating

  • With equal weight, wood is 30 % more resistant than steel, it is six times more resistant than reinforced concrete. This natural strength is due to the quality of the internal wood fibres structure
  • A 4.5 cm thick wooden wall provides the same thermal insulation as a 27 cm brick wall or a 50 cm concrete wall.

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Villas des Îles, Our Factory

Villas, Maisons bois usine de montageOur production unit in Brazil is a SME equipped with modern machines and its electronically controlled drying oven.


Right after arriving in our factory, all wood species are oven-dried down to a moisture content of 12% in order to guarantee an excellent drying, essential precondition for the perfect completion of the construction.


This step completed, wood is cut out and manufactured to produce the various parts of the final assembly. The pre-assembled materials, numbered and labelled are then controlled and prepared for shipment.

We control wood quality at each stage, from the sawmill to the end products up to the loading..

From Manufacturing to Delivery

Séchage bois étuveuse1. Wood drying. Wood is placed in the drying oven during 3 weeks to be brought down to a moisture content of 12%.

Villa bois en martinique2. Manufacture of the assembly parts and Quality control. Wood is cut out and the parts are pre-assembled according to the house construction drawings. Each part is numbered and labelled.

Villa bois en martinique3. Loading on the port of Belem. Our containers travel by sea from the port of Belém.