Maison de Martinique en Bois du Brésil

Why using wood ?

Wood, a source of comfort and well-being.

  • The low thermal inertia of exotic wood makes it possible to maintain an ideal temperature in your home,
  • Exotic wood is fire-resistant. It has a very low conductivity and is even classified self-extinguishing, i.e. it does not propagate fire. Moreover, in the event of a fire, exotic wood loses its carrying capacity less quickly than a concrete or steel structure

Villas des Îles, our Joineries

Menuiseries bois pour villasVillas des îles produces wood structures for interior layout and outdoor spaces.

  • Interior layout: joineries, parquet floor, kitchen or bathroom furniture...
  • Outdoor spaces: bungalow, deck, carbet, terrace, pontoon...
  • Joineries: Joineries are made on request, out of exotic hardwood, with standard size or to measure.

The slide show opposite presents to you some examples of this woodwork (Pictures for illustration purposes only. Villas des îles reserves the right to modify the models of joineries without advance notice).


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